Besides Custom Courses, TeTech offers a range of Standard (Short) Courses on Antennas and Communication Systems. Some of these courses are available in English. They have good balance between theory and practice.

The courses are given on-site and can be customized to meet your specific training needs. They are highly interactive, enhancing knowledge transfer and reducing foreign language related problems. Unless otherwise noted, courses can be conducted in English or Dutch.

Available courses:

Antenna Assessment and Antenna Measurement
This course deals with Basic Electromagnetism, Antenna Theory, Radio Wave Propagation relevant for Antenna Assessment and Practical Antenna Measurement. The course is for Designers, System Integrators and Equipment Manufacturers that are involved with Antennas. This course is also useful for people working in the field of EMC. More information about this course can be found at:    Antenna Measurement.

Practical design of small RF antennas
This Antenna Design course deals with the design of Antennas up to a size of about 2 wavelengths (Monopole, Dipole, Planar, Slot, etc). Special attention goes to the conversion from Antenna Structure to a transmission line model or an LCR model. By doing this, useful bandwidth, radiation resistance and input impedance can be easily determined. More information about this course can be found at:    Small Antenna Design.

Practical RF Antenna Design
The "Antenna Assessment and Antenna Measurement" course considers Antennas more or less as a black box. This course dives into the black box. You will learn the Basics of Antenna Design and how to apply this in real world design challenges. The focus is on mobile applications. More information you will find at:   Practical RF Antenna Design .

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